My gymnastics

I go to gymnastics every week on Saturday. I go with my best friend called Hope and my cousins Jessica and Eleanor.

When I go into the hall I start to do the warm up. For the warm up I do lots of stretching, running and a bridge but I struggle with doing the splits with the wrong leg.

My favourite thing is the bar. I also go on the trampet, floor and table volt.

Today I am practicing for Gymfusion for the first time. This is a big show that is mixed with gymnastics and dancing. In February I am doing it on a real stage at the Lowry!

I love gymnastics! 💗 💕 ❤️

One thought on “My gymnastics”

  1. I think Lillia is very clever at doing gymnastics. I go to Acro which is short for acrobatics. I also have difficulty doing a back bend.

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