Saying Goodbye to 2S

It has been a fantastic year and, as a teacher new to Greswell, I have really loved teaching this class. Looking back, we have covered some exciting and interesting topics and produced fabulous work across a range of subjects. Looking ahead to next year, the children have each picked one thing they are looking forward to next year. Thank you for this year, 2S. Roll on Year 3, I’m sure you will all love it!

Ava- I’m looking forward to playing in the bigger playground.

Brooke- At playtime I will play with my sister and her friends.

Charlie- I will enjoy seeing a friend I met in Year 3.

Daniel- I want to play with my brother in the bigger playground.

Declan- I’m looking forward to doing more art next year.

Dylan- Singing and dancing on the stage will be fun.

Felicity- I’m excited about getting to know a new teacher.

Finley- Lots more sport and playing football at the end of the day.

Freddie- I’m excited to do longer, more difficult writing.

Gaby- I’m looking forward to learning a new language.

Bella- I want to perform in Greswell’s Got Talent.

Jacob- I’m excited about having a new classroom.

Joe- I want to do a lot more art in Year 3.

Josh- I’m excited about playing with my friends in the big playground.

Lacey- I can’t wait to meet new friends.

Leah- I’m looking forward to making new friends in the juniors.

Lily- I’m excited about going on a trip to look at rivers.

Luke- I will be bringing my own snack in and want to go to the tuck shop.

Maizy- I will play with my sister next year.

Matilda- I’m excited about going on new trips.

Nathan- I want to go on trips to different places.

Olivia- I’m going to challenge myself and do harder work.

Reggie- I’m looking forward to learning more IT.

Ruby- I want to join dance club once I am in Year 3.

Shandon- I will carry on improving my handwriting and learn to join.

Simran- I want to do lots of sports with my new teacher.

Summer- I am excited about making loads of new friends next year.

Taylor- I’m looking forward to playing with my cousin in Year 5.

Tyla- I want to play with my friend in Year 5 at break and dinner times.

Yashvi- I will keep working on my handwriting to get a pen licence.

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