Rainforest Poems

3D used videos and soundtracks as stimuli for writing some group poems about the Rainforest. Each member of the group wrote one descriptive line or phrase and then they put the lines together to make a poem.

They worked as a group to edit and improve their writing by adding in alliteration, adverbs and adjectives. The final job was to think of a creative name for the poem.

We are sure that you will agree that we all did a fantastic job.

The sound of the rainforst
The birds were squeaking around the bright, yellow sun,
Pythons crawl through massive leaves to reach the sun,
The water swishes into the green grass,
Red and black snakes slither around you,
Water falls down in the dark, stormy rainforest.
Josh, Nathan, Luke, Summer and Jacob

The Rainforest of Animals
The huge trees block the burning sun from the ground,
The insects are the masters of amazing camouflage,
Master of disguise by big or little animals who sneak up on their juicy prey,
Snakes wrap round a mossy brown branch,
Snakes slither up the muddy trees.
Matilda, Reggie, Leah, Taylor and Joe

The Rainforest poem
The water shoots in the air,
The trees rise into the wonderful sunset,
Beams of sunlight peer through the trees,
The trees fight the lovely, burning sunlight,
The birds are tweeting loudly while the rain is heavily splashing
Finley, Brooke, Olivia, Dylan, Isabella

The crazy rainforest
Monkeys jump across the humungous trees whilst birds tweet among the branches,
Pretty parrots, chirp loudly, fighting for mossy branches,
Green and brown snakes slither up the never ending trees,
The fig tree dances in the light rain,
We should never cut the trees down
Freddie, Lily, Charlie, Gabby and Maizy

The enormous rainforest
Tiny, little plants struggle to get to the burning sun,
The birds tweet and the river flows and the trees block the sun,
The shiny leaves wave on the trees,
The glittery, light tree swishes side to side in a scary, dark storm,
Bugs are crawling over enormous branches up in the sky,
The shiny, blue water flows into the long grass.
Simran, Ava, Shandon, Tyla, Lacey and Declan

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