Rainforest Poems

3K used videos and soundtracks as stimuli for writing some group poems about the Rainforest. Each member of the group wrote one descriptive line or phrase and then they put the lines together to make a poem.

They worked as a group to edit and improve their writing by adding in alliteration, adverbs and adjectives. The final job was to think of a creative name for the poem.

We are sure that you will agree that we all did a fantastic job.

The Adventurous Rainforest
The large river flows through the funky forest.
Smooth running water weaving while time passes by.
Tall trees living together in harmony below the shining sun.
Enormous trees standing like tall statues.
Noisy, tweety birds perching on mossy, brown branches.
Manav, Shania, Kelsea, Laila and Ethan

The Rainforest and Everything Around It
The lovely birds are sitting on bumpy branches.
A soft, green layer of thick moss on the tall trees.
The cheeky monkeys are swaying on the mossy trees.
Rainforest trees grow as tall as a giant.
Fresh flowing water gives life for everything in the forest.
Jagoda, Kaymen, Elijah, Madison and Louie

The Rainforest Tree
Luxurious life exists in harmony.
Graceful, great variety of life.
The mossy branches in the beautiful trees.
The rare birds communicate in the tall trees.
Colourful birds soaring above the trees.
The peaceful rainforest has outlasted the dinosaurs.
Scarlett, Emmanuel, Isabelle, Ryan, Dylan & Billy

Monkeys in the Rainforest
Beautiful river flowing fast and deep.
Cheeky monkeys leaping tree to tree.
Black snakes slithering on the muddy ground.
Cheeky monkeys munching on bananas.
Big rainforest trees with old, thin branches.
Cheeky monkeys clinging to mossy tree trunks.
Sophia, Lily, Tyler, Thomas, Joshua and Lexi

Ecuador’s Colossal Tropical Jungle Grows
The rainforest is amazing and extraordinary.
Ginormous trees with vile snakes in them.
The birds are exotic, the jungle engulfs them all.
Giant mossy trees tower over the wet forest.
A cold river is the heart of the tropical jungle.
Thick, slimy moss on colossal trees.
Jack, Charlie, Olivia, Jasper, Dexter & Preston

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