The Inaugural “Mr McHugh’s Legend of the Classroom Award”.

Today saw history being made in Year 6. The children voted for the Mr McHugh’s Legend of the Classroom Award, the criteria was: someone who makes good choices, someone who sets the example, someone who has contributed to the class and someone who is a good classmate.

In third place were Dylan and Jack, second place went to Chloe F and the winner was Leo Carroll! Leo had his name inscribed on the McMemorial Trophy and was serenaded by Mr Cooper on the recorder. Leo will forever be the first name on the trophy, well done Leo.

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Mr McHugh

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One thought on “The Inaugural “Mr McHugh’s Legend of the Classroom Award”.”

  1. Leo’s told us all about being made the Classroom Legend, what an honour! I’m not sure if he was more embarrassed to wear the crown and robe or by Mr Cooper’s recorder serenade ! Thanks to his class for voting for him, I’ll look forward to seeing who gets there name on the exclusive McMemorial Trophy next year

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