Life skills

Life Skills and Experiences – Greswell Primary School – 2017/18


Year Group Life Skills Experiences Visitors
Nursery 1) Toileting

2) Following instructions

1) A visit to the park


2) Chn to write a letter to someone at home and take it to the local Post Office to post.


People who help us i.e. police, doctors, fire fighters
Reception 1) Using a knife and fork

2) Zipping a coat up

1) Visit the local library

2) Farm Trip

3) Public transport

Year 1 1) To tie shoe laces

2)Get dressed and undressed for PE

1) Visit to the local park

2) Visit the seaside

Circus performer
Year 2 1) Road Safety

2) Telling the time

1) visit the countryside

2) Prepare and eat a picnic

Really Wild Show (experiences of different types of animals)
Year 3 1) Telling the time

2) Looking after own belongings

1) Bus ride into Manchester

2) Museum


Guide Dogs Sporting events.



Year 4 1) Basic First Aid Training

2) How to sew a button on

1) Museum

2)Visit sporting venues

Year 5 1) To present a topic in front of the class

2) To make a bed (put duvet in cover) etc.


1) Residential

2) Art Gallery

Disabled athlete
Year 6 1) Cycling Proficiency

2) Personal Hygiene

1) Go on a hike – take a healthy lunch which they have prepared themselves

2) Go to the cinema