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Sports Leaders and School Games Organisation Crew

Over the past two years we have trained up a number of Sports Leaders who now operate in Year 5 and 6. These children form part of the School Games Organisation Crew. We have also trained up a number of “Mini Whistlers” through a number of sessions ran by Trevor Massey, a former Premier League official.

The year 5 sports leaders have been busy providing games and competitions for our KS1 children on the playground.

Many of the KS1 children enjoy playing these games and it keeps them physically active during the lunch period.

It also has a positive impact on behaviour because older children are modelling positive behaviour for these children during lunchtimes.

Level 1 School Games Competitions
Throughout school we run a number of inter-school competitions. These often take place in the lessons during the final week of a topic. Examples of these include gymnastic competitions in class with judges or small tag rugby games. We have also ran a large KS2 indoor athletics competition. This involves all the children being involved in a large competition at Denton Community College during school hours.

Links with Lowe Martial Arts

Throughout the past three years we have we have developed brilliant links with Lowe Martial Arts centre in order to promote healthy and active lifestyles. This relationship began with just some afterschool classes and now runs as:
1) an after school club (ran at the Dojo)
2) a before school wake up club (on school site)
3) a club during Golden Time for children to attend to further their Martial Arts skills.

Links with Denton Community College (DCC)
During the past five years, we have built superb relationships with DCC through the Learning Enrichment Partnership (LEP). Through this partnership our children have accessed:
1) Cluster competitions
2) Curriculum time enrichment opportunities
3) Gifted & Talented days
4) Work with DCC teachers for PE lessons (and some Literacy/Numeracy sessions)

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