Visions, Values and Aims

Together We Care, Share, Enjoy and Achieve


Our Vision

During their time at Greswell Primary School every child will excel academically via a stimulating curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities. All children will be confident, well-rounded citizens who are ready for the next steps in their journey.


Our Aims

  • To develop and deliver a curriculum which stimulates a love of learning
  • To meet the needs of every child in all areas of the curriculum
  • To give all children opportunities outside of the school day
  • To ensure children are taught life skills and given experiences outside of the classroom
  • To form positive relationships with all parents and families. Working together to support each individual child
  • For all members of the school family to be independent learners and active thinkers
  • For all members of the school family to be positive – all day, every day


Values – BE PROUD

  • PROPERTY – Look after and value property which belongs to the school, individual or other pupils
  • RESPECT – For all members of our school family. Speak politely to all members of the school family. Be kind, fair and honest.
  • ORGANISATION – Be ready for the school day

Pupils – Be on time, have the correct equipment and be ready to learn

Staff – Have resources ready to support all the children’s needs

  • Understanding – Be aware of other people’s feelings and look after all members of our school family
  • Determination – Be the best you can be, never give up, learn from your mistakes, take on challenges, believe in yourself and have ambitions